Transclusion: reusing text from one block to another, but not text derived from a table?

Mediawiki refers to this as transclusion

Is this possible currently?

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I think what you might be looking for is canvas named variables. You can use formulas or text in quotes, then reference them anywhere in your doc. Type = to prompt the formula builder anywhere in the canvas.


Is it possible for such a variable to be global i.e. defined in one document and then referenced in another?

No, that is an interesting idea though. Currently it’s contained in the doc.


@Richard_Kaplan hey this is possible. I do this by setting up a master ‘Tables’ doc, as the single source of truth (SSOT). In that tables doc, create a [Variables] table with two columns, [Variable] and [Value].

Then you can have various variable pairs like:

[Start of Week], ‘Monday’
[Urgent?], true
[Cycles per Period], 50

Then use CrossDoc to bring your [Variables] table into your current doc. You can reference each variable specifically by using the @ in a formula and then typing the variable. So, using the example above, you would have:

[@Cycles per Period].value = 50

All of the variables can be addressed in this way throughout your doc. Make sure to set up your [Variables] table to update daily or hourly and then when you make a change in your ‘Tables’ doc, it will propagate throughout all of your docs. Best of luck!


Very very helpful -thank you