Convert or De-link CrossDoc Table to Local

What is the best way to ‘de-link’ a table which is Cross Doc’d in? If I copy paste I still have to reconnect all the formulas.

I can see why, for security reasons, this might not be possible. However if I have edit access to both docs… seems like a long tail feature request now that I think about it. :slight_smile:


There’s no way to de-link. You still have to reconnect all the formulas.

In the future you can initially design your docs to allow for easier swapping though, by decoupling the “data source” (backend) table from the “frontend” table (i.e. the one that you reference elsewhere in your doc). Here’s a similar thread where a similar thing is requested:

Great video! Thanks.

Yes my situation feels a bit like a yo-yo. I built everything in one doc, then it was too large so I had to splinter it. Then I redesigned the architecture to have one ‘tables’ doc with all the info there and then push out the key tables to smaller docs … and this seemed to work.

However as the satelite docs grow and we want to add some features, eventually we run into usuability issues with the cross-doc sync timeframe - the usability falls off a cliff with needing several minute to 1 hour sync times … so then the solution is to make the table local to the doc, which brings me to where I am. Its a combination of the organic growth process of the doc and also the limits of Coda and how to best operate within them.