Updating the crossdoc reference to another document

Hello everybody!

I have several documents in a folder, which provide a way to document gathered documentation and knowledge of conferences and barcamps. Also you can ask questions to the speakers and so on. Those documents have multiple tables with crossdoc references. When I copy those documents to another folder, the crossdoc references still point to the original documents. This somehow makes sense, because crossdoc cannot know that I have copied the documents. For my case it is important, that the documents in a folder act independently from the documents in another folder. Because each folder represents one event (conference, barcamp…).
Is there a way to easily update the reference of crossdoc from the document in the “old” folder to the copied document in the “new” folder, without having to recreate the whole reference structure completely?

Thank you for any tipps you can provide.



No, there’s no way to update references. But you can initially design your docs to support for easy swapping of backing data though. Not really your case, but this can give you some ideas:

Normally I’d say try to design your system so that you have a single doc as a source (with all events), rather than duplicate a constellation of docs for each event. Then setup individual docs that cross-doc from that single source. But I also understand you may not want to do that. In that case, one solution I see is that in your source docs you make a local “front-end” table and mix in data from cross-doc table. Then swapping a cross-doc table won’t affect the setup you have built on your front-end table. This is essentially what I’m doing in that video, but here you’ll have one local and one sync table, whereas in the video both the front-end and the back-end tables are sync tables. In this scenario you’ll have to make sure that the front-end table has enough rows to mix in the data from the back-end table — e.g. you can set up an automation to create missing rows.