Extract a Table to another doc

Hello everyone,

Quick question, I’ve created a doc to handle macro planification of my company.
In this document I have a table that represents all the employees.

Now I have ideas to create new documents to handle other part of the management. And I realize that the table Employees shouldn’t be in the planification but should have it’s own document to be handled as Cross-Doc.

I was wondering if there is a “simple” way to extract the table to another document but keeping the links in the same time ?

Thank you very much

no it’s probably better to leave the Employee table in your planning doc. Cross doc is generally only needed if you have sensitive information you want to hide from your regular users (like salary numbers or codes)

Hum thx for the suggestion.
So I guess I’ll have to keep this one as the main doc, and use cross doc from the employe of planification if I need the table elsewhere !

Might be a little late for this, but it would probably be best if all of these tables are within the same doc. It will make the doc a bit bigger, but it will be easier to work with. Cross doc isn’t quite what it needs to be.

Hi @Thoma_BIGUERES1 and welcome to the community! :smiley:

Remember that with cross doc you have one sincronization per hour, so data in your team would be often outdated…
As @Connor_McCormick said, if you don’t have particular concern regarding privacy or space (p.s. cross doc table weight as much in the original doc as they do in the final one…) The suggested way (in my opinion) is to keep all in one! :slight_smile:

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