Need help to pull relational data from Cross-doc

Hello . I need help here pulling relational data from Cross-doc table

First I created tables (Main User table and other Department table, Division table) in “DOC - A” with other information related to the each user

I then created “DOC -B” and then use Cross-doc to sync all tables in “Doc-A” into “Doc-B”

Then I create a new table in "DOC-B in wish to link Cross-doc table to this new TEAM table.
I put select list formula to link cross-doc USER table on this table successfully but when I tried to created another column to automatically pull in Department (and other user related column) from Cross-doc column , it does not automatically pull the data . The only thing i could get is a drop down list to select.

I am not a coder. here so i don’t know what to do and how to run code for this one. Any help would be really appreciate here. Thanks a lot

Hey @Korn_Tris!

No way to answer this quickly because you should understand how Cross-doc works in the first place before you take any action. There’s a rather lengthy video I recorded on the topic but it should be helpful. Feel free to watch at 1.5x-2x

Thank you. I found solution now. Though still a bug (for example the linked column should show as a select lists but it turn out to show as text or something show as [text] .

don’t know how to fix it

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