Cross doc references are broken for me

Anybody else having problems? In the last 24 hours, cross doc reference behaviour changed significantly.

If I have Doc A, which contains Table 1, with a column “foo” referencing Table 2, and I pull both tables into Doc B using cross doc references, the “type” of column “foo” in Doc B is now text, not a row reference to the appropriate row in Table 2. This is quite a large regression and breaks all my stuff :frowning:

I’ve started a chat with support but am interested to know if it is just me or not.

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I have the same issue. I’m just trying to figure out how many of my docs are affected by this change. It’s quite terrifying if it’s a permanent change and not a temporary bug :open_mouth:

This is a bug and I think we have a fix in that should be hitting servers soon.

Thank you for posting the issue.