How do you get a table sync from one page to another using cross doc

Hi everyone, I was able to use the cross doc feature to get a table from one page to another page which also updates automatically when updates are made on the other page which is great. However, when using cross-doc, when the table get carried over to the other page, it is broken down into individual assignments instead of keeping tasks merged together under one category (I showed how I want it to look like and how it looks likes now below):

Want to look like this:
Category #1 Task #1
Task #2
Task #3
Category #2 Task #1
Task #2

Coming out like this:
Task #1
Task #2
Task #3
Task #4

If anyone can help me out that would be appreciated!

Hey there! Thanks for posting, it would be really helpful though if you were able to provide some sort of screenshot or something to give us more context

Hi thanks for the response Scott!
I have attached an image with the picture on the right showing what I want the doc to look like after using cross-doc and how it actually appear, shown through the image on the left:

Can’t you group by Due Date on the second page?

Yes I can do that but I just wanted to see if there was a way to automatically have them grouped together when transferred over to the second page. Thanks for the suggestion though!