Synced tables cannot be referenced in "Select list" or via formulas

Hi, has anyone faced this problem?
I inserted a synced page in a new document. I’d like to reference the table in that synced page but it is not showing anywhere. Synchronization works because I added new lines in the new document.
Any workaround this? Is it a bug or was I assuming incorrectly that you can use synced tables in the same way as any other table? See image.
Thanks for any insights.

Hello -

Sync pages are pretty much just separate docs that you can embed into one doc for organizational purposes.

If you want to reference data different docs in another doc then I think your best best is to use cross-doc functionality.

Check out this super helpful video by @Scott_Collier-Weir on how to set that up.

Many thanks Kayla for pointing to the right solution. I wonder if someone has already documented the different use cases for syncing tables and cross docs…
Have a nice day.

Yeah, it would be nice…

Unfortunately things change so quickly… Not only is the syncing and embedding functionality undergoing big changes currently, there are also a number of packs that improve on the basic Coda Cross-doc functionality.

Keeping up, in this and other areas, is a frustration to me too, and I do not know the solution to that. Other than stopping development, which is not an option.

But the Community is always a good source for the latest info.