Sync Pages: reference tables in formulas

I just tried out sync pages. Love the feature and where Coda is heading with this: sub-doc sharing sounds exactly like what I need.

I thought sync pages would already fix my big issue of having some settings for formulas (in tables) outside of the main doc so only a few users can actually mess with them. I’m afraid I might got too excited though, because I just tried to sync a page with a table from the “source doc” to the “container doc”. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reference the table in a formula in the “container doc”.

I couldn’t find the info in the helpdesk, so has anyone tried this or encountered the same issue? Or found a workaround?

If I’m indeed too excited, will this be part of the roadmap?


Hey @Jasper_Versteege,

For the table section you could use the new 2-way sync cross doc pack if you want to pull in data, but you also bring up a great point that if you create a sync page in a doc, it would be cool to be able to reference that doc and tables in that page within the main doc. We would love to add this to our Feature Request list if you would be amenable to that! Let us know.



Hi Dan,

Sorry for the late reply (young dad and afk for a while). I would love it if you can put this on the Feature Request list.

It would make managing (access to) formulas/settings (that you don’t want others to mess with while) super easy.

Thanks in advance.

Anyone reading in having the same issue, or wanting the same solution, please like and share your reasons. Anyone having a workaroud, please let me know :-).

No problem at all, @Jasper_Versteege!

We’ve moved this post into the Suggestion Box for other members of the Community to chime in on this. We’ve gone ahead and tracked your vote for this feature formally and attached your contact information so should the status change on this you will be notified!

Please have a wonderful end to the week and a wonderful weekend!


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