Can't reference row in sync page

I got a Sync Page that has a table. In the Sync Page I’m not able to reference other rows in the same table using ‘@’. When I open the same page in the original document I can reference without any problems.

Hi @Stian_Ovesen,

I haven’t tested it myself, but have you tried a workaround by using the filter formula?


I might not have formulated the problem correctly in the original post. Here is an image that shows the intended functionality. This doesn’t work with synced pages as far as I can tell.

I tested and confirmed this behavior as well . . . sync pages are VERY limited.

See the last item in the FAQ:

If I add a sync page with subpages, can I @ mention those subpages in the “container doc”?

Not at the moment. Currently you can only reference sync page items like tables, people references, and subpages, on the sync page or synced subpages, not within the “container doc.”

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