New row added to a different docs

I need help with connecting a new row to a different doc. We have a doc that manage all the tasks for our employees. We want that every new row we add that is assign to a person will also added to a different doc that is special just for his or her tasks and will combine all the tasks that the person must complete.

For example:
If in one row we wrote a task or information to someone and assigned the task to him through the cell of people (where you can choose a user) then that row will also be added to a seperate file that is belong only to him and collects all the information he was ever tagged in.

Is there a way to do it? thank you!

Hello @Yuval_Tenen ,
You can do something like that with the cross-doc pack, but it is going to be pretty complicated if you have to do this for many employees.

My solution would be to have one doc (or two docs maximum if the master doc is pretty complicated). In the employee doc I would filter the tables in such a way that your logged in employees can only see their own tasks. Make sure this doc can’t be copied if you want to prevent users to copy this doc and undo the filters.

Questions like this have been posted before and what we really need is a more fine grained authorization scheme than what is available now. I am not sure if something like that is in the roadmap, so at this time you have to build your own solution.

I also thought about this solution and wanted to check if there is a smarter solution.
We probably will do it this way.

Thank you for your answer🙏