Cross-Doc Shared Account in Column value

Dear all,

I have a Staff table and each employee has their own document with a personal To-do table
Using the Cross-Doc pack and the AddRow(account, table link,…) function, I want to create tasks from the Main Document in the To-do table of each employee.
The problem is that in the AddRow(account, table link,…) formula, the account field is set in the formula itself, and I can’t link a Shared Account to each employee in the Staff table, so I can’t use the automatic selection of the required account depending on the employee .

As far as I understand:

  • either I need the ability to save the Shared Account to a link or text value
  • either I need a Shared Account that has access to the entire Coda folder so as not to create a Shared Account for each document.

Would appreciate any solutions.

Hey Nikita, thanks for reaching out! Have you tried using the User’s personal account option instead? Usually, you can delete that part to choose a Shared account as well, but I can double check in the meantime for you. Here’s our help article on this for reference: How to Use Cross-Doc Actions | Coda Help Center.

Yes, I tried, this is the problem, that for the Private account it is also necessary to install Shared Account on a specific document,
and there are several documents in which I want to add at the choice of AddRow and there is no option to setup or create Shared Account for coda Folder or Workspace

The similar topic is here - Referencing a cross-doc R/W account?

Are you using the cross-doc sync table connection? Usually we just switch those permissions from View only to Read and view and that does the trick. This is found in the pack settings and you shouldn’t have to leave the doc to access them.

From your post, it looks like you’re misunderstanding the problem a bit.

  • I have no problem to create a row in a separate table.

I will try to explain again.

What I have?

  • Three employees - Alex, Fred, Tom
  • For each employee I have a doc with To-do table.
  • One Main document that manages employees documents described above

What I want

I want the Main document to be able to add rows in the employee document To-do table based on the user I select in main doc.


  1. In the Main doc in a Select Control I select Alex employee
  2. In a Text Control I type a task description.
  3. Click on Add Task button
  4. A task is added to the employee’s document in the To-do table.
  5. Then I select Tom employee
  6. And also click on Add Task button

The problem!!!
Every time I need to change the employee in the Select control - I need to change formula in a button.
From (Cross-doc) AddRow(Read-Write access to Alex To-do table,…) to AddRow(Read-Write access to Tom To-do table,…)

Thanks for clarifying! I think this is possible if you set up a SwitchIf() with different Cross-doc action formulas for each select control value.

To keep the logic simpler, you can set up 3 hidden buttons (each one wired w/ cross-doc actions to export values from your table to different destinations). Then set up the SwitchIf() in one visible button to use press the selected button depending on the selected employee.

You’ll need to use your personal permissions or set up a Shared account permission for each table and keep track of which connection is associated with each formula to get this to work.

Hope this helps as a starting point!

Thanks, this is one of the solutions, however it is very inconvenient in terms of adding new employees.
I would like the code to provide the ability to select Shared Account not through Switch, but using the value of the field attached to a specific employee
Can you add this to the list of future updates?

Hi, is this topic added to the suggestion box? @Renita

Perhaps I’m late to the party but this just got on my radar.

As a matter of fact, you can get the account references into a table and use them dynamically without any switchifs :slight_smile:


Oh, thanks for the solution! @Paul_Danyliuk

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