A simple way to match postcode data

I’m trying to do a few (what I thought would be) simple things on some volunteer data.

How simple is it to search through postcodes in one column based on postcodes in another column and then have those rows that match appear on another section or elsewhere on the same section, please?

Sorry, a little tired today. It’s probably really simple. I’m helping with a covid-19 volunteer initiative supporting the elderly and most vulnerable where I live. We have a lot of volunteers that I need to track down by postcode really quickly for different geographic areas. I’m probably not seeing the obvious.


If you can share the doc with Coda Support, then open a support ticket using the “?” mark icon at the bottom right of the doc, I can take a look.

I’m guessing this has sensitive information, so recommending this instead of sharing here. Include the link to the doc and you can add a message to “send this to Ben” if you’d like as well.

Also, if you have a sample doc with an example, you could share that here and more people will be able to check it out.

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Hi @Chris_Thornett1,

I tried to set up something very quickly: would it help?

Let me know!

Thanks! I’ll take look. I may be back in touch in a bit!


Chris Thornett here. (I’m using the charity account to keep it all tied into Google Drive).

Thanks! that sheet seems to be doing the job. I’m not brilliant with data and we hit this probably were we had hundreds of people registered but the form had been set up with postcodes only. Tying that to wards in a whole county has been a little frustrating, plus there’s the whole GDPR headache to consider.

Where I am, we have lots of people chucking personal info on social media, asking or receiving help and that’s been a little worrying for safeguarding concerns. The initiative we’re running is intended to support the elderly and most vulnerable so making sure people helping are known and registered is key.

Thanks for that help! As I say, I’m not a data guy although a muck about with spreadsheets a lot so it’s been appreciated.

Sorry, now I’m using the charity account! Looking at that extract matches button today, I’m not sure I would have been able to figure it out, so thanks again. I will learn though as it’s been incredibly useful.


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Happy it helped!
Please, let me know if you need some more details/explanation :slight_smile:

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Thanks, it’s worked well in the interim. We’ve been able to quick split volunteers for different areas and supplied them to charities requesting help and to local organisers. Subsequently, we found someone with more data expertise, but it was very helpful. Thanks!

When things are less busy, I’ll figure out how it worked!


Should you have other requests, just post theme here: there are lots of people really skilled in “Coda solutions” eager to help.

Best of luck!