Keywords Matching Doc HELP

Hey guys, any ideas on how to build this doc in Coda?

Here you can see it in Google Sheets:

The idea is that you can modify the keywords from the column headers, and see whether there’s a match for each row in particular from the right side of the doc:

Thx for your help!

@BenLee @Paul_Danyliuk

Hi @sourcingdenis,

There are various ways you could set this up to reference the words you want to match. This might help as far as setting up a way to count the number of matches in that row. I think that’s what you’re doing here.

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Pretty much the same. You can join/concatenate with Join() / Concatenate() (duh), and you can RegexMatch() as well.

Although I don’t see any regex in there — you’re doing a substring match, so Concatenate().Lower().Find("hr") != -1 could be a more performant idiom.

You cannot take words from column headers — you’ll have to put them on a separate table, then take from there to put into your matching formula(s).

If the number of terms to check in people’s profiles is not a constant set (i.e. not just those 6 terms), you should do it as separate rows instead of columns or build some other sort of automation.

On unrelated note, that’s quite a database of Ukrainian recruiters :confused: Almost a 1000 souls, omg. Almost a shame I don’t have any use for it, since I’m not looking for any workforce positions anymore.