Highlight words in column based on master list of words

New to coda and loving it.

Need help solving a problem.

  1. I have a content calendar with a daily copy that we put out on social and the our website
  2. I have a list of keywords that I want to regularly use when we write
  3. Created a master table of keywords

What I want to do:

  1. Highlight or underline words in my copy column that live in master keyword list.

Can anyone help? Seems like there is some combo or regex and conditional formatting that can accomplish this.

Dear @John_Geletka, welcome to the community,

To be honest, I am not aware of a way to hightlight the words in a text that meet a mastertable of keywords.

For the time being, you might use this post to let it search the words from your mastertable of keywords,

With a bit of luck :four_leaf_clover: another community member will share other approaches uncovered :thinking:

Coda doesn’t have a great way to do this at the moment. We can Find() text, but we don’t have an officially supported formula for changing the style of that text. There is a hidden formula that will let us do this, but these might disappear at anytime. So it’s a use at your own risk example here…


This worked out great. Any way to make this grab phrases from the table as well?

Here’s a solution that can match phrases. It’s a multi-step one though. Also it should be a more robust one than the one above, since it doesn’t split the text by every word but only wherever necessary to then stitch it back.

It uses a hidden RegexExtract formula; it supports flags so instead of using Lower() elsewhere I just set it up to work as case-insensitive.