Pulling in text from another table with multiple search keywords


I have two tables, and would like to pull certain results from one table into the column of another. Here’s an example:

Order Form

  • Name
  • Item
  • Notes
  • Special Instructions


  • Keywords
  • Notes & Special Instructions (these would be all Notes and Special Instructions from Order Form that contain any of the words mentioned in in Keywords

I can currently do this by adding a desired keyword to look up under Keywords - but I can only do one word at a time with this code: [Order Form].Filter([Notes].Lower().Find(thisRow.Keywords.Lower())>0 or [Special Instructions].Lower().Find(thisRow.Keywords.Lower())>0)

So if I put allergy under Keywords, it’ll pull all text from [Order Form].[Notes] and [Order Form].[Special Instructions] that contain allergy. But I want to be able to do multiple words, like allergy, allergies, intolerance in the same row.

Whether I enter them separated by a comma, a list, or whatever, doesn’t matter. Any suggestions?

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There might be different approaches, but if I correctly understood your point, this might work:

Let me know if this goes in the right direction.

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That’s awesome! I got it working in my doc based on how you did it. Thanks so much.

  • Is there a simple way to include phrases as the search words? For example, you have some things in your example that are space-themed and clothing themed. I might want to search about physical space instead of outer space. I might want to include a word that must be included for context, or search for a phrase like lot of space, no space, lots of space, etc.
  • Is there a way to remove punctuation? If I search for summer and the response is I can't wait to go on vacation this summer!, summer wouldn’t be included because we break words up by spaces, so the summer in that sentence is considered summer!.

Hi @tothemoon,
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Yes, just modify the Words column as follows:

ListCombine(thisRow.Notes.Split(" "), thisRow.[Special Instructions].Split(" ")).FormulaMap(CurrentValue.Lower().RegexReplace("[^\w]","" ))

The RegexReplace("[^\w]","" ) basically searches and removes any non-word.

I wouldn’t say so, unfortunately.
However, have a look at this example by @BenLee and see if it is inspiring:

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