Search Keywords in Column & Add as List with multipleselection

I am stuck at a formula, where I want to cross check cells in Column Story , of T able Story List contains keywords words from cells in column Keyword of Table Keyword List . If yes then Update this in Column Keyword Suggested of Table Story List (Lookup Multi-select, incase two or more words are matched.)

Here is the link to the doc

Are you looking for the column Keyword Suggested to state “yes” or “no” or display the matching words? Also, do you only want it triggered if 2 or more words match (2 or instances of the same word, 2 different words, or any combination thereof)?

Hi Joseph,
I want the matching keywords from the second table to be updated in a column in Table Story List.
Yes/No if not what I am looking at. Yes, It’s possible that their are more than 2 words matching in a cell.

Sorry had replied with my other profile.