A multi-select dropdown thats filtered from 2 columns

is there a way to get a column to be a list dropdown that is referencing a table but filtered from 2 columns in the same row?
i have a table of terms that i would like to be filtered by a selection column A and Column B

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I think I understand what you’re trying to do. Here is an example doc I made to show you how it works so you can play with it:

Here is a gif showing you the guts of how to set it up:

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hey @Johg_Ananda, its a lil more complicated.
I have 2 tables for Keywords.
Service Keywords, and Solutions Keywords.
Each of those tables has a column for Name and Keyword.

In my 3rd table, called Content, I have the Service Keywords and Solutions Keywords as a dropdown lookup. What I want is in the Content table, a column called Keywords, that would look up the name in both the Service Keywords and Solutions Keywords columns, and in the Keyword column give me a list of possible options to select from. So display Service Keywords and Solutions keywords together in the one lookup dropdown, so I have one consolidated column.

Hey @Mohamed_Hamad for me to help you any more you’re going to need to make an example document so we can start to play with the interconnections and understand what your goals are.

Just created a simple example. Hope this helps. In the content table, I’d like they keywords column to show keywords from both the Industry Keywords table and the Services Keywords table as a single dropdown list to choose from.

OK this is helpful. So here’s what I would do. First merge your ‘Industry’ and ‘Industry keywords’ table into one, and add a third column ‘Keyword’.

Then in your Content table, add a new column [Services & Industry Array]. Set the formula to be: ListCombine(thisRow.Services,thisRow.Industry). This will create a new array consisting of both.

Then you can create a fourth column [Keywords] which will be thisrow.[Services & Industry Array].[Keyword]

I think that will do it!

so I think that might work, but I’m concerned of redundancy. the Services or Industries tables can be short, but the keyword tables can be very long. if I have 20 keywords for each of 10 industries, there is just a lot of rows with extra columns for no reason. is that an issue for performance when the doc gets too big?

Are you implying that the Industry Keywords table might have multiple rows with the same ‘Name’ row field? I’d have to see how you’re scaling (and what is scaling) to think about the most efficient schema.