How to check if lookup values match

Hi Codans
I’m trying to learn Coda with a small project based on a speed dating idea that I have.
I have 2 teams of people (TeamA and TeamB), people from TeamA can choose who they like from TeamB. If two people choose each other, it would be a match, and this would show the name in the “mutual match” column.

any idea how can I achieve that?

Hi @Joakim_Riedinger,
and welcome to the Coda Community! :handshake:

I asked to share you document: you might want to share for all the people with the link and allow them also to edit it if you want direct help on the doc itself (click on the “Share” button on top right to sett all the permissions).


Thank you so much for the quick reply @Federico_Stefanato

I’ve shared it with you, unfortunately I got the warning “You’ve reached the daily limit for doc shares”

Hi @Joakim_Riedinger,
I worked a little bit on your doc just to give an idea of how I would set it up.

Feel free use it as you like and to ask if something is not clear.


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Thank you so much, this is super useful!

You’re very welcome!
Let me know if you need further details.