Document full of tables...can I compare 1 table to all others to find matches?

Hi! I love Coda…and I guess you do, too!
Thanks for helping if you can:
I have a document full of large tables…and the tables are full of lists of names and other unstructured data.
I also have a list of 500 names and I want to find out if/where the names appear throughout all the tables in the document.
Is there a way to automate this?
Yeah, I know I could cut and paste the names in search one at a time…but I am sure hoping there’s a better way!
Anyone have any thoughts?
FWIW, I thought the following might be a solution, but I think it’s only for searching in one table at a time (my document has 23 tables) and I would still have to input the names/search terms one at a time:

Thanks for any help or ideas you can offer.

Hi @Gregg_Stebben,

We don’t have a very good search and workcount capability in Coda yet.
You could laborious build something like this but it will be both time (- yours) and perf ( Codas) expensive.

Do look at these as well -