Text control box for search?


I’m creating a search-based detail view.

Up top, I have:

Person to view: [control button to select from list of people]

This lets me to start to type a person’s name, then select from a drop-down list.

Then, below that, a table filtered to show just the person or people who matches that control.

However, this allows me to do only a full text search.

Instead of a Control to choose from a list, I’d like to be able to have a control that just lets me enter text.

That way, say, if I type “Mary” I’ll get a table filtered to show just the people with “Mary” in their name.

Right now, the workaround is to replace the control with a new table, one that just holds the “Selected Name” choice.

Also, the table updates automatically when I input new control data, but it doesn’t automatically go to the first record found. Instead, it continues to show the previously chosen row, but just adds the new finds to the selection.

Is there a way to refresh the table? Even hitting the refresh button in the browser tab doesn’t work. It still shows the previously chosen row in addition to the newly found rows.

I thought of having a button to switch to another view, then a button to go back to the first view, and do one after the other, but it seems to stop executing buttons after hitting the first hyperlink.

I understand that the current detail view has built-in search functionality, but this is for those cases where the built-in function isn’t enough.

– Maria

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User Text Box Input

Is this what you’re looking for?



If you type “Lashunda” into the search Box, and hit return, just Lashunda’s row comes up. If you type “Guy”, Guy’s row shows up.

That’s exactly the functionality I was expecting.

But if you switch the view of the bottom table of employees to “detail” view, now you get the found rows PLUS the row you were previously looking at – and it’s the previous row that is still selected.

How do you go to the first selected result, or just clear the selection?




This feels like a bug (and a good catch!). We have logic that will “hold a row in a view” if it’s been filtered out but you’re still actively “in” the row - so that rows don’t fly away while you’re editing them. Looks like the detail view is interpreting this incorrectly. Following up with the team.



Thanks! Fixing that will also make all my “go to this row” buttons work much better, and make the Wiki I’m building a lot more navigable.




Thanks @shishir I was looking exactly for this.
One question. Is it possible to add a button (e.g., “Search”) to trigger the filter? In other words, I would like to add a search term, then click “Search” and get the results filtered as shown above?




Sure. I would put a button column on the “Search” table in that example. When pressed have the button take the info in the input column and duplicate it into the value column.

Here’s an example:

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