User Text Box Input


Is it possible to make a Control that is a Text box (not within a table) so that users can enter text

The text box would then be referenced as a RegexMatch so that the user will be able to quickly search our data table of parts for a desired name, all public!

Create a standard function without a Table

Great idea! Not yet, but this is something we’re planning for the future.

In the meantime, there’s a couple of options you can consider.

  1. Simulate the control with a very minimal table of one cell - see these community threads: Text control box for search? and Partial Match Search Box Filter

  2. Create a named formula whose value is a text string, and reference that formula when filtering the table. Users would need to edit the formula value to change the search term.

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Yep I though of these too. My issue with 1. is I like to keep my tables VERY organized, i.e. there is a section table, and a full data table, and 36 views. for me a table with single variable purpose is dangling, needs to be either declared locally only, or we need that text box. thanks!


I second @Michael_Armani’s request.