Hello everyone! I am very new to all of this, but so far I am loving CODA. I saw this thread:

and I too am trying to emulate this in my document. (A search box that is) However, I have no idea about how to actually go about doing it. is it a formula? or a filter setting? if there is anyone who could step by step this for me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you again!

Hi @Calvin_Hobbes,

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The Detail View includes a search box that will search the column marked as the Display column. And the in-doc search that you see on the top right will search items in the doc like sections, tables, and row values that are display columns values.

For searching a table and even multiple columns in the table, this is a good trick that works really well…

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Hi there! Thank you so much! I realized that they do it by filter and formula within that filter. nonetheless, for my own purposes anyway, the search boxes you recommended will be very helpful!

Interesting doc !


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