Search from Within the App

Hi! Does anyone know how to search from within the new Coda app? Trying to find a way to pull up information without having to scroll through every row.



You can use the Detail View in your table and there will be a search box to sort through the rows.

You can also create your own custom search like this: Hack to filter lots of data

I created an example document so you can play with the features in that post, and a few other fun Coda tricks here:

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Hi! Thanks for the help – unfortunately I don’t see a search box using the Detail view. Just the rows (at least in iOS). Do you have a screenshot from Mobile that you can pass along?

I’ll try the Hack to filter lots of data option. Was also just trying to find if there’s something natively already in the app.


The search feature isn’t there on Mobile view, at least not yet. I do use the custom solution in several docs and it works great on Mobile.

If you have multiple users on the doc, use Shishir’s version so it keeps your search views separate.

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I could be crazy but it seems like the search box in detail view is totally broken. There doesn’t seem to be any relationship between what I search for and which rows turn up in results.