Detail View - Search every fields and not only the Display Column Field

“Display View” is a very usefull view but, for the moment, when we do a search using the “search field” at the top, the search is only made through the “display column field”, which is not enough.
Imagine that I have a “contacts table” with fields like: “company”, “contact name”, “phone”, “email”, “address”, “zip code”, “country”, “notes”.
I would like to do a search by company name, or by person’s name, or see all my contacts from a specific country, or find a contact related to a specific note I wrote, or find to which contact a phone belongs, etc, etc.
Making the search available to every fields on a table, would be a great evolution for Coda.
Who agrees with me?


I need it too, it would be great having some setting to specify “search fields”.