Issue with Search Functionality in 'Detail' View for Concatenated Fields

Hello Coda Community,

I am experiencing an issue with the search functionality in a ‘Detail’ view in one of my tables, specifically when searching for concatenated fields.

Issue Description: I have a table with a “Full name” column, which is a concatenation of “First name” and “Last name” columns and set as a ‘display column’. The concatenation itself works perfectly, but the search functionality in the ‘Detail’ view is not behaving as expected.

Example Data:

  • First name: Janusz
  • Last name: Kowalski
  • Firm: HubSpot
  • Full name (auto-generated): Janusz Kowalski (HubSpot)
    ** Formula: Concatenate(thisRow.[First Name]," “,thisRow.[Last Name], " (”, thisRow.Company, “)”)

Search Behavior:

  1. When I search for “Janusz”, the search returns several results, which is fine.
  2. Searching for “Kowalski” also yields results, as expected.
  3. However, when I enter “Janusz Kowalski” (part of both first and last names), there are no results, which seems incorrect.

Additional Information:

  • I will attach screenshots showing the search results for each of these scenarios.
  • This issue seems specific to searches where part of the concatenated ‘Full name’ is used.

Request for Insights or Solutions: I believe this might be a bug in the search functionality, especially when dealing with concatenated fields in a ‘Detail’ view. Has anyone else experienced this? Any insights or workarounds would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and insights.

Hey @Michal_Antoszczuk1! We couldn’t immediately reproduce this, so it’d be helpful if we could see an example doc to dig into further. Any chance you have one handy you could send over? Feel free to open up a bug ticket directly to support if you’d prefer, and we can take a look from there.

There was a problem with data.
First name was "Janusz "
So Full Name = “Janusz Kowalski (HubSpot)”.
Query with only one space → no results.

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