Lookups in column returning "model"

Anyone else having this issue? Just finished a big build for a client and after getting all their users on, several lookup formulas in columns are returning “model” rather than the information they should return. Hovering over “model” which appears to be a row reference displays the appropriate information but it is not very helpful having tons of formulas suddenly change to display MODEL rather than the display column they should be returning.

hi @Susan_M_Davis ,

I am sorry to read this. Are you part of this beta?

It might explain the issues.

I hope that the coda team thinks twice or even more before implementing this.

Cheers, Christiaan

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My personal account is in some betas, but I’m signed in as the user on a new account set up just for them. Doc was working but has had some odd stuff happening to it with filters not working, if statements that should calculate not calculating properly and now this with the filters showing MODEL instead of the data where they were displaying properly when the formulas were created, then suddenly without warning, BOOM, many of the formulas are now just saying MODEL. Very odd. I have a lot of docs in my personal account, never seen this happen. It’s bizarre the number of odd things this one client’s doc has had. I’ve had support on the phone looking into some of these things and so far, no real answers.

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