Basic lookup formulas spontaneously not working for new columns?

Hello community and thanks for any help.

All of a sudden lookup formulas aren’t working in my team’s tables. Talking super simple lookups here too.

For instance, in a working coda doc I’ve got one table like this:
Screen Shot 2021-08-23 at 1.56.45 PM
And a second table like the following, where the first column is a lookup and the second column uses a basic formula to lookup the corresponding data from the first table:


When I copy and paste these exact same tables (or recreate them) into my team’s coda document, the formula in the 2nd column of the 2nd table is blank:

This is true for other formulas that use lookups too. But only for new columns/formulas. Previously set up lookups work fine.

Is there some sort of setting somewhere that could have been tripped?

Thanks for any help.

It’s back to normal today! :man_shrugging: