Search control box on mobile

This is my first post, and just wanted to say many thanks for this community! The questions asked and insightful answers have been quite helpful to get us started on using Coda quite effectively.

I’ve started to create mobile views for a doc that we use internally as an ERP. The mobile pages are essentially simplified views of our most frequent pages that we need to access while on-the-go.

We have a search control box (interactive filter) on a table. Doesn’t seem to activate the keyboard on mobile (need to hit Edit). Page settings are Full Doc control (though we would like to limit access to just controls in the future).

Wondering if there’s a mobile-specific setting that needs to be updated on our doc, or is a work-around required (using a table as the input for a search control).

Many thanks!

Hello @Alfonso_Tupaz ,
I am not 100% sure, but I think this is solved when the page is locked and the lock settings allow for modifying tables. With that setting, when you click on a text box, you will get the mobile keyboard. The locking feature does only come with the team license (which has been worth every penny I paid for it, but that is only my opinion (I don’t have a financial interest in Coda)).

Thank you, @joost_mineur ! Indeed, though our search field is an interactive filter control (of a column in a table) - as opposed to a “search field” cell in a table