Search in published docs

I just got my group to finally publish their doc but we lost the side navigation panel and search box. I thought that surely we could restore them in the published doc but I see in Searching a Published Doc that it might not be supported?

I personally love that the search bar disappeared in published docs! It makes them so much safer to use. Maybe you can use Canvas Controls instead?

Thank you, I’m looking into Canvas Controls for an alternative.

I’m still a little new to the platform. Could you clarify why you love that we have no option to restore the search box? It really benefits our users and I’m curious it’s unsafe.

If you want everyone in the world to be able to find everything in your published document, then the search function is great. But usually, even in a wiki, there is certain information that you don’t want everyone to see, such as help tables or user-specific views. The longer you work with Coda, the more you realize how ingenious the tool is and that you can actually do anything you want with it. The wiki will eventually become an interactive app. And with the search function, everyone will still be able to find EVERYTHING in your document, bypass every filter, display every hidden page, search every hidden column, access every restricted section, and uncover every single information peace within that doc. And there is no way for you to control it.

Some people can’t stand the search feature, other people think it is the best part of Coda.

As so often, there is no right or wrong, only advantages and disadvantages that you need to manage to make the most of your specific scenario.