How do I...? for custom domains

Many Coda users have requested custom domains for published docs and has just released the feature. I’m really excited for this, as it can help me justify the cost of by eliminating some web hosting expenses for temporary projects, landing pages, etc. But it also opens up some amazing opportunities. I’d love to use this topic to get help from the community on how to create certain functionality for docs published with custom domains.

To get this started, here’s a question — is there any way to implement document wide search? I have already used table searching, but I think full published document search would be very valuable.


Yes. Top left of your doc there is a search bar for the whole document. Top right of each table there is a table specific search bar.


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Thanks! On the coda doc itself, that’s where the document search bar is…

But to be clear, I meant on the user-facing published document. Here’s a screenshot of my site ( There’s no document search bar on the top left of the published version.


When you have the page list to the left, you will have the search box too:
This is a screenprint from a page visible under a custom domain name.

Putting a textbox on the canvas and using it to filter tables works too - as long as your doc is published in play mode (this is not what the documentations says, but it is the way it works right now.

Obviously filtering is not the same as a document wide search, but it serves it’s own purpose.


Thanks for making that clear – the document search bar is available, but only when you have pages visible as a sidebar. If you put your pages across the top, as I have done, it appears there is no user access to search a full document.


That is correct. A search box adjacent to your top menu would solve this. In my opinion that should be a doc makers option and i can’t imagine it is all that complicated for the development team to add this.


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