Surface document-wide search in docs published with custom domains

I’d like to request a feature for published docs. I’d like, somehow, to be able to surface the document-wide search bar in a published doc when using “show pages on the top nav.” This request comes from a discussion here: How do I...? for custom domains - #6 by Jack_Beaudoin

There are two use cases that I think would benefit from this. The first is for documents that might include two different content types which require different tables. In my experience, users don’t want to have to think about the content type first, and then do a table-based search second. They want to search all content types simultaneously and then select from a single set of results. The second use case would be for documents that combine table-based content with page-based content.

AFAIK, access to document-wide search in a published doc is only available when pages are displayed as a sidebar. I suppose this is just a request for “parity” :smile:

(And while you’re at it, maybe add document-wide search to the mobile app too?)


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