Search box on Mobile, much sooner than later please

Search not being available on the mobile apps renders them almost useless for most of my docs.


Today i had the same disapointing experience missing a search

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Agree… search is great on desktop but part of the use we want is providing quick access info for mobile team members. Don’t see the point of only being able to search doc names…

Are there any specific items you’re regularly searching like Tables or Sections, or is this just all text regardless of where it is?

I’ve used various setups to jumping to specific areas of a doc quickly, but this request seems more like a text search. Is that the case?

we have stuff in tables we need to search to find (rows of people, for instance)

we’ve used a cusrom control to try to get the job done in the meantime, it just is finicky and not as simple as the search bar on the bestow site

I’d like a search that works in the same way as in the browser version!

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I agree that search in mobile is a critical feature. Tables with more than about 25 rows in a mobile view become cumbersome to navigate without search. Tables with over 100 rows are not very useful in mobile without search.

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I’m voting this up, too. I just started with Coda and the whole point of my use is to take my giant task list with me, but filtered – and to move items to my “today” list on the go. I have to be able to search for stuff in order to know if I’ve already got it on the list!

Better search on mobile will be a nice feature. For the time being though, I’ve been able to use controls at the top of a table to help with this and buttons in a table to eight mark as done or to mark a task as a different category.

One other option that helps me a good bit is using a different section and view for the things I need to see quickest. I can then filter this view to only the most urgent items.

If you have a sample document you can post here, we might be able to help with finding a filtering setup to make this easier!

For me, using controls is not practical for documents with multiple users.