New Control Suggestion: Search Bar

Happy New Year!

Suggestion for a new Control… it would be very helpful/interesting to have an in-line search bar as a Control.

For example, if the Control is connected to a table (or more specifically table view), it will actually traverse through all of the text in the table for filtering. Think of it it as a more robust version of the search you find in the detail view.

There are already some workarounds that kiiiinda work but are still a little prone to error or potential to not have an authentic “search bar” experience.


I Agree, a built in search solution would be really nice to have. Workarounds that we are using now are ok, but are far from quality of built in tool :slight_smile:


second this! Thanks Camille.
Quickbase provides a search box at the top of each Field! (column) for quick filtering. -I prefer Coda, but the lack of individual table/view search is almost a deal breaker.


There is already a search bar in a Coda table view: Detail View. Unfortunately, this is not available in the table view.

Correct but the detail view search bar only searches through the display column text. I think a search bar that searches anything in a table (or choose which columns to search through) for filtering would be even better!


Totally agreed. I also would like to see a search bar where you even could combine conditions from any columns with and or or.

The way I currently implement search control is

  1. An hidden one-row table with columns receiving what to search for, a button to open the result target table directly, and a button to clear the current query.
  2. A search button that opens this “search row” for editing
  3. The result target table is a view that filters itself based on the content of the hidden one-row table, and conditional formatting highlight the cells which contain the searched text.

Here are the shortcomings: It’s not possible to view the results live when the query is updated in real time, like a search box would do. Even if the “search table” was visible.

To offer a true search experience and a search cpntrol, I think we would need only two more features:

  1. Ability for a column to immediately take the value being typed into account, instead of staging it until the user exits the cell.
  2. Ability for a column to directly enter edit mode when we click anywhere on the cell

In bonus, being able to add a search icon :mag: to a cell like we can for buttons would be great.

Dear @Mikael_Mayer,

This post from Paul is also valuable in relation to the discussion

Totally agree, I keep hitting the wall when I need to search a specific information in a database and need to create specific filters to help me with this. Would be way better if we have a dedicated search control. For me, this and better database caching should be priority number one for Coda. Those things still makes me want to go back to Notion.

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This may be redundant for many on this thread, but just wanted to note the new text input control released this month which I believe addresses this suggestion thread.
High fives to the Coda team! :clap:t4:

For those of us following this thread and developing new use cases for a search control, I hope we can put this feature through its paces and see what we discover!

Cheers all :tada: