Is this [screenshot] what Coda table search is supposed to look like?

I got a feeling (from here Search within section) that Coda ‘hijacks’ the default cmd/ctrl + F shortcut in Chrome to perform Table search.

I don’t think it works for me. At least it looks and performs like Chrome browser search.

1. Using Chrome Menu > Find…


2. Using cmd+f

Could anyone please share a screenshot of what it’s supposed to look like? Is it not working as it’s supposed to?


Just checked, and mine is the same. That’s new. It looks like we can now use Chrome’s native search on our Coda docs, which could be sweet! :smiley:

The Coda search field is at the top of the left hand menu bar (the menu bar must be expanded to see it).

Yeah just tried it and it’s Ctrl+Shift+F now.


Cool. Thanks for the notes.