Is this [screenshot] what Coda table search is supposed to look like?

I got a feeling (from here Search within section) that Coda ‘hijacks’ the default cmd/ctrl + F shortcut in Chrome to perform Table search.

I don’t think it works for me. At least it looks and performs like Chrome browser search.

1. Using Chrome Menu > Find…


2. Using cmd+f

Could anyone please share a screenshot of what it’s supposed to look like? Is it not working as it’s supposed to?


Just checked, and mine is the same. That’s new. It looks like we can now use Chrome’s native search on our Coda docs, which could be sweet! :smiley:

The Coda search field is at the top of the left hand menu bar (the menu bar must be expanded to see it).

Yeah just tried it and it’s Ctrl+Shift+F now.


Cool. Thanks for the notes.

I love this stuff. feel like this is the future for sure!

and i am having a problem…
Our work-flow is completely dead with out the ability to search tables!

I am finding it very hard to find information in coda tables with the chrome ctrl+F search!

I have noticed that search only searches what’s currently being display on the table but does not search the full table.

i have hundreds of entry’s on one of my tables but this search option is not find working.

is there any other way to do searches on a coda table?

Thank you for all your kind help!

For sure!

I would use either a concatenate() or a join() formula in a new column to concatenate all the information from different cells you want to be searched. Once that column is made just choose to filter it, select interactive filter, and then it will create a search box above your table that can filter your table based off any criteria you typed in.

Let me know if that works! If not i can provide some more screenshots or examples