Search within section

Is there a way to search within a section? Looks like search goes across sections and across views.

Use case:
I set up a section for the current sprint including multiple filtered views, and I would like to look for a task or project within the current sprint, not search across all tasks.


Yes! I need to be able to search within the table I’m looking at, then be scrolled to that row. I don’t want to open up the detail view for the record.

The functionality I’m asking for is handling search the same way it works in a Google Sheet - ctrl/cmd + F just searches the existing page. Unfortunately, ctrl/cmd + F in coda takes you to the deep search with isn’t helpful for me.

Coda hijacks the Ctrl+F hotkey, but the browser search is still there, and you can use it to search on current page. Browser menu -> Find…


Great point- I hadn’t considered that. @Chris_Chua try using ctrl/cmd + G (in Chrome at least). That’s the shortcut for “Find Next”, which is 90% the same as ctrl/cmd + F.

This is easy enough that my users should be able to adapt. Hopefully we get some options in the future for search handling, but for now I have something to work with.

Thanks @Paul_Danyliuk

I didn’t think of that either! Very helpful when searching a table :grinning: