A somewhat of a documentation of hidden formulas [Added mechanics of nested buttons]

Seems like they patched it straight after your post…

That stuff went all a bit over my head since I wasn’t able to test it… I can certainly see the use for the async case, and that’d be great since the only way to run async actions is to manually click the buttons.

But then when you started adding delays, what are (were) the advantages of it over a simple RunActions?

The main advantage of using nested buttons (at least for me) was the ability to create more complex user interface. So that you can either click the big button for one action, or one of the smaller ones on it for a different one.


Maybe it would help if you separate out the example in a shared document? The example you posted is still quite ambiguous.

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Actually, since I’m no longer going to work on this project using coda I’m going to share it whole.

And, in case anyone is interested in future development of this project, I’m going to post video entries about it on my youtube channel.

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Using RegexExtract to implement a GroupBy() function: Group By using Hidden Formula RegexExtract

@Filmos @Dalmo_Mendonca @Paul_Danyliuk Anyone maybe know how to get the current URL (of the section displayed) through formula?

I’m trying to use it for filters so I can filter using the current page as context without having to hardcode it.