Inline Formula Formatting

Hello! I am wondering if there is a way to format an inline formula. Specifically, I want to change the color of a number if it becomes negative. I know there is a way to conditionally format numbers in tables, but I have not found a way to apply it to inline formulas. I tried playing around with the hidden _COLOR formula but didn’t get it to work.

Dear @Andres_Beck-Ruiz,

Welcome to the Coda Maker community :grinning:

Personally I do not recommend to use the “Hidden formulas”, several can be found in the post below:

In the screenshot below you can see some of the basic syntax to achieve formatting with the support of a formula. Just be aware that this can break your doc anytime, just to be OK with that.

There are so many more options to play around with and to stay at the safe side, enjoy Coda

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