Ability to add/edit sub-table data from a Form

I have a couple scenarios where I have run up against the road-block of not being able to add sub-table entries from a Form.
A simple example is my doc for household expenses. The modal for entering an expense has fields for Store, Date, Total Amount and Payment Method. But I added a sub-table to break up receipts into multiple expense categories (for example a Costco receipt may have Groceries, Household Goods and Clothing), that lists the Expense Category and Amount. In the modal window, these Expense Category entries show up nicely in a sub-table format and the user can enter one or multiple entries. I wanted to create a form so my wife and I could have a quick link on our phone homescreen to quickly enter this data without having to open the full doc. But the problem is that Forms don’t allow for sub-table entries.
I am hoping this can be added to the roadmap for future development. Thanks!