Add sub pages to a table item's canvas


Great work on the canvas property in tables. When trying it out noticed something super annoying: you are not able to create sub pages for a canvas (like you would on any other page). This means that you can’t structure the information in a scalable way for larger table items.

Our main use case for this is initiative/project briefs. We want to have a table will all initiatives link them to other tables like “teams” and “objectives”, but we still want the initiative brief to be a living document with sub pages for explorations, release planning, etc.

Another use case is to have all the teams in a table, and use the table item as a team page, with sub pages containing their rituals etc.

In both of these examples it is a much worse experience to have all the information in canvases without utilising sub pages. I hope this is something that could be added to Coda :pray:

I’m not sure if having pages hidden away inside a canvas row is ideal.

I’ve got a very scalable setup with recursive rows. The trick is to have a column with a lookup to its own table. It gives you a very nice tree diagram hierarchy. Building on that you can have all sorts of useful summarizations of a row’s parents and/or all its recursive children.

Here’s a quick screenshot of my (swedish) setup to hopefully get you in the right direction

So for example you can have one column which calculates all the rows recursive parents, if you then edit the layout to display the column as a table you can get this nice navigation

I’m sure there’s some more info on this somewhere here :slight_smile: