Ability to create pages special designed for mobile devices

Dear Codans / community members,

I should like to see an option to create specific pages that are adopted to work from a mobile device.

Even on the desktop, these pages should show how it would look like on a mobile device. it would be great if tablet and mobile device views are made available




If I am missing something, I would be glad to learn how you approach this in case you have experience in this field

Just to be fair, Coda and Mendix are targeting different markets and costs of the product are not comparable. The illustrations are only to show what I mean!

Screenshots from Mendix


Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets :slight_smile:

As you may already know i’m really into building Apps into coda, and the automatic mobile version is super pro in this case.

I also find the current implementation limiting, first for the performance reason that are a real pain, and then for the layout that are pretty much the one that coda decide (that in most cases aren’t that bad…)

I’d also like to have more possibility of setting-up the mobile version of docs, maybe in future updates we will finally see an improvement in layout design? And with those also the corresponding mobile updates?
I hope :slight_smile:

I’m really curious about what other thinks!
Thanks for pointing this out :slight_smile:

Hi @Mario,

The first step should be at least to be able to show “what Coda decided” to display on mobile device at your desktop screen.

For the time being, I am using a mobile device when working on my laptop to build

First we need something to have on our wish list and secondly yesterday I was reading that Coda has rolled out >70 updates in 2020, that’s a rather serious achievement :trophy:

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@Jean_Pierre_Traets i’ll update you with my whishlist, that is actually pretty limited :smiley::

  1. Possibility to create a menu that shows pages in the left nav bar, i feel that the 9 dots button in mobile that takes the user in the “All Docs” coda homepage is a strange behaviour if the user have to interact with just that doc
  2. Better support for Desktop Features, detailed view are rendered unpredictably and calendar view turn into tables (i mean, it’s already hard to design a nice view on pc, creating one that work good in both system is nearly impossible…)
  3. Better performance, i know that this is always the same problem, but in mobile is all slower, so the problem turn big doc from usable but slow into impossible to use…it would be great to disable some table loadings selectively (for example mobile users can only add some basic input, leaving the all calculi to another session or on coda-cloud, sound strange said like that, but if i could disable my main db, my doc will load way faster)

And this is all pending for a new layouts editing from coda, one that allows us to design good-looking interfaces :heart_eyes:
This could allow makers to build good layout to create good experiences for users, my wish is also that those maybe future updates could allow some mobile/pc layout design, or at least some option to arrange elements in the desired way in both system

Trick: With the Inspect feature of chrome you can easily see how the doc is behaving in a mobile, and with 2 tabs you can also work on the desktop layout :slight_smile: