Tables Functionality on iPhone and iPad

I am a Coda user who loves the capabilities and the sleek designs of this service. I spent a lot of time researching the perfect notes app that is effortlessly able to create, manage, and customize the looks of various types of information and data. Coda became the clear winner for me and the PC platform has yet to fail or disappoint. However, I am finding that my ability to interact with this platform is severely limited by the inability to create a table or customize the table’s columns’ information types (i.e., formula, number, checkbox, date, etc.) on my iPhone and iPad. I understand that I can build templates on the web version and then create mobile docs using those templates, however sometimes my creativity kicks in when I am not near my laptop, and I would love to be able to have more freedom to customize the document setup/layout on my mobile devices. Until I am able to create tables and customize the table’s properties on my iPhone/iPad, my usage of this app will unfortunately be limited to when I am near a computer or when I am working with documents and templates that I have already designed on my computer. Thank you for your dedication to engagement in the Coda Community and for your dedication to constantly bettering this game-changing app that has helped many, like myself, become more connected to our important information. I hope that designs for a feature like this aren’t too far out in the making, and I do believe that a function which allows for the creation and manipulation of tables and their properties on mobile devices would benefit many users and allow them to optimize their usage of this unique program. Thank you.