Ability to lock the table



If this doesn’t already exist, could we add the ability to lock a table and tables connected to it?

I have a table of records and as a safety precaution, I would like to be able to lock my table using a checkbox and a date. If the checkbox is ticked, lock the ability to delete or edit any records before that date.

Is this currently possible? Can we add this feature?


Dear @Juanmata,

I am not aware of a straight forward solution as you are suggesting, but

By creating another (dummy) user name, assigning rows to this user, creating views that can or can not see certain content is a way to “protect” certain data, as the other user is not able to see it ( means not possible to access)

Just try to make a simple test with a few tables and enter in both accounts to see if this would be workable. :balance_scale:

Kind regards,

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Nice work around but the content needs to be viewed at all times.