Lock Rows, Document Protection


Any chance of creating options of locking tables, columns, rows, etc.?

I’ve got tables that combines some data entry some formulaic, and some static data. The ability to lock down rows, columns, or even whole tables would be awesome when we start sharing our document.


Hi @Matthew_Farnsworth, for your needs is it enough if when you lock a table, it’s lightly protected and anyone can unlock the table and edit (at their own risk) - or do you need strict permissions so others can’t edit even if they try?


I’d be okay with just a light lock or a notification similar to Google Sheets indicating that the table has been locked for editing, but users can just say okay and edit anyway.

But the ability to lock specific rows or columns would be icing on the cake. At the moment, I’m mostly depending on color coding to indicate areas of the table that I want visible, but that contain formulas that shouldn’t be edited.

Thanks for looking into this.