Locking unexpected behavior


I’m trying to lock my doc in that way : some users can add and edit rows others can only read, but none can edit page text (they are not doc makers).

Limiting adding row to some user only seems easy :
I put an “Add a new row” button on the page, enable it for selected users only and lock the doc to only interact with button, controls and forms.
Authorized users can add a new row despite the “Add rows” lock option is off.
But they can’t fill it because the doc is locked with Change table values set to off !!??
And it is the same for editing :
I put an “Edit” button and filter to one row so user can edit the row but he can’t change any value…

So the lock behavior with Interact only is :
Use button = on
Add rows = off >> you can add row with a button
Change table values = off >> you can’t change table values with a button.

This seems uncoherent…

Is there a workaround to achieve what I need ?