Weird Bug on Published Pages

In a public page, I have the front page as only able to click buttons. One of the buttons that is clicked adds a row to a different table and pops up an edit dialog.

I cannot edit that different table, even though that table is not locked/uneditable. I have to change the settings for the first page to be unlocked and editable to allow the user to edit the other table.

Is this expected? A bug?

Hello @Chase_Schwalbach
Yes, this is expected behavior because, currently, locking applies to the whole section, not to the tables.

What you can do instead, is set up a button that adds the row, goes to another section that is not locked and then open the added row to edit it.
I made a Coda showing how to do this

Interesting. The table I’m adding to, actually, I don’t want available for anyone to see. So I don’t want to go to the new section. The option I’m currently using is to make every column a formula, so it’s not easy/obvious to edit those, and then making only “Click Buttons” and “Edit Table Values” unlocked, which “fixed” the problem