Published Docs - Locking & Doc Interaction

I have a published doc. I have set the ‘All Sections’ lock to ‘Interact Only - Use buttons and controls’.

Then for the ‘To Do List’ section, I have set the lock to ‘Interact Only - All Sliders ON’. This should enable ‘Edit section text’

In the Share settings, ‘Anyone with a link … Can edit’.

My intention is that people with a link should be able to go to the ‘To Do List’ section and click the Tasks and type in the ‘section text’.

Even when I am logged in, as an Admin editor, with the above settings, I cannot edit the section text in the To Do List section.

Is this the proper behaviour?

Canvas text is not open to editing on a published doc. It should work for tables though.

OK @BenLee thanks for the clarification. So they can edit the content of table cells?

Would canvas text edits be something that might open up, or is it part of the publishing strategy to keep it locked?

This is a tougher one with a public doc, so not sure if this will be something that opens up. With rows, while you can collaboratively edit, you have a log of who edited the row last. A canvas tends to be used for more content and it’s tougher to dial in on who made what updates. My guess is it’s likely to stay locked.

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