Bug or Feature? Kind a possible granular permission

Guys, I was creating a document and I have an idea to create the UI:

I would create a table named “Main Menu”, where I would list all the app’s features in a table with a column of which people would have permission for each feature.

The cherry would be to create the tables inside a canvas column for each functionality, so I would eliminate that possibility of users entering in the hidden pages.

The problem is that when I open the line referring to the functionality, the user can edit the canvas information.

In summary, I need a lock just like there is to lock text editing on doc’s pages. Can anyone tell me if this is a bug or is just this?

I understand that the canvas is editable because the line is free to change the value (lockng feature), but I think this would be a solution to many current document sharing issues, like granular permissions

Sorry for the english!!


Can anyone help me with this?