Using 1 doc and 1 page: A possible solution managing pages, sub-pages, and table row permissions?

So I have researched and researched best practices for setting up docs in a folder as well as a doc’s pages, sub-pages, and databases (from a formula perspective). Ideally, I wanted to create 1 doc that would allow a centralized location and systematic way to create, delete, manage these aspects, especially since the amount of docs can grow quickly.

The issues are that there are granular limitations to locking docs, hiding content, setting permissions, and as a result there are multiple docs and views created. But what if there was way to manage this using tables and canvases (see picture) just in 1 doc and 1 page?

If set up this way, you can create permissions at the granular level based on coder user (all with formulas). Not only that but you can reduce the size/increase the efficiency of a doc. Any thoughts about this approach? Are there any pitfalls with this approach?

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Yeah so I think any user can highlight some tables and then copy paste it into their doc, thereby bypassing your protections

Not 100% sure about this and would need verification from Coda

IMOH Coda does not have this level of detail in their permissionings yet. The previsioning’s are built around the actual docs themselves and your use case might not be supported.

Hi Jake,
Sorry, I should have mentioned I’m using the Sync Tables Pro pack on a master doc containing the original tables. From the maker:

“You can control who gets to see which parts of a table without creating lots of filtered views. All you need is a single view and a column with row-specific access rules.
“This already opens up such possibilities as:
• Easily making hub-and-spokes doc systems, e.g. a Teacher’s doc and each Student’s individual doc.
• Making multi-doc templates that you can share or sell.
• Building complicated systems of many interconnected docs without the fear of losing it all because one doc could break.”

Given that the canvas column (from my doc above) can be opened at full screen (in a new window or not) with a button formula and related tables can be pulled into the canvas, it seems possible to do. Use a table to list docs, canvases as pages/sub-pages. Permissions to access table content and views are conducted prior to syncing tables to another doc, so a user will have only that information.



You can ask the maker @Paul_Danyliuk

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