Locking settings not (yet) implemented on canvas columns

Good morning Codans,

I make extensive use of page and/or doc locking. I noticed that the locking settings don’t inherent to canvas columns. Since the canvas ‘cell’ will, in many cases, be used like a child page of the parentrow, I would expect the Locking settings that apply to the page where the parent row came from inherit to the canvas column cell/page. Or, alternatively, that individual settings can be made on this level of to the entire column.

I realize that this is not a finished feature and just to make sure this is not overlooked I am posting this suggestion/bug report.

Let me assure you I am pretty happy with what we got so far though.

Greetings, Joost


Hi @joost_mineur, thanks for the feedback!

We debated whether expectations for canvas cells locking would more often mirror those for other cells in the table, or for the text on the page containing the table or view. We chose the former, but it sounds like in your case it’s the latter?

As you said, we also suspect some scenarios may need finer-grain control on the column itself, which we weren’t able to provide in this launch.

We’d love to hear more about your scenario and what content you do & don’t want to be editable. Specific examples are always helpful to clarify. If you’re not able to share publicly, feel free to also share as a DM.


Hey @nathan ,
Thank you for thinking (and having though) with me about these issues.

Considering the fact that the canvas column cells can (and will) be used like pages, I would be tempted to think we need the same type of locking scheme that is available for standard pages.

I can imagine that we are going to have very specific singel purpose tables in these canvas cells. I have build a small sample app where a canvas cell of one row holds some crucial user access tables, and another row holds some reports (also tables). It is kind of scary to know that a single (accidental?) CTRL-A DEL will wipe out all of your data.

I can’t share my doc publicly, but I have shared it with support and if you send e a PM with your preferred email message I will add you as a doc user so you can see for yourself why this is needed for a lot of usercases.


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just to add my +1 for the use case put forward by @joost_mineur above

locking the canvas cell just like locking a page is essential


I need this asap!!